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About us

Olie is a little family-run studio based in Bangalore, India that dreams of bringing it's luxurious, hand-crafted décor accesssories to homes across the world.
Years ago, Amrita and Sid lived in a quaint little town with cobbled streets and yellow French buildings in South India called Pondicherry. While growing up, Amrita always allowed herself to drown in fantastic worlds filled with dragons and horses, wizards and elves - and somehow, the simple life in Pondi brought back memories of a whimsical place where everyone had the time to dream, sip on a coffee and sketch a little while gazing at the sea.
As a trained illustrator and designer, she started to dream of making her art more interactive and a more integral part of people's lives. Alongwith illustration, she found herself spending hours browsing through decor blogs and falling in love with interior design. So, one day she told a dear friend that she wanted to make a lamp, a piece of art that when switched on would change the mood of a space and had the power to change a conversation. And that's how it all began -  Olie was born. Whimsical illustrations of falling leaves, a deep blue sea, wise koi fish with the universe reflected in their eyes were hand-printed onto reams of fabric. Olie is a reflection of a simpler life, and free spiritedness. Amrita collaborated with craftspeople in her region, so every step of the making process involves many hands, many souls and a lot of love.
Every accessory at Olie is made entirely by hand, from inspiration and sketch, to the luxurious handwoven banana fibre we use in our product, to the actual construction.
"The first time a customer wanted to buy one of our products, I was almost reluctant to let go of our labour of love, I couldn't believe that someone actually wanted to buy what we had made. We had focussed so much energy and love on designing and crafting, that I forgot to prepare myself to let them go ! But right after, handing an Olie product over was and remains, the most satisfying experience.
From that humble beginning, this little company has grown. We still remain a small, close knit team but we have reached hundreds of homes since then and are hoping to reach hundreds more. Numerous magazines, blogs and newspapers have told our story and we sell through our website and a few stores across the country. We have been fortunate to work on some big lighting projects and we customize lighting for hotels, spa's, schools and homes ! We also host little sales at our home + studio from time to time where we enjoy meeting our family of clientele and spreading the Olie spirit.
We look forward to having you be a part of the rest of our journey. Don't forger to follow us on social media to get daily updates, we hope to see you around ! "
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